Internet IPv6 support

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2023-06-04 01:50

IPv6 is enabled by default for the majority of IgLou subscribers whose Internet service is carried over AT&T's network. IPv6 is in wide use on AT&T's network but may be limited by the city and location that a subscriber is located in, and the type of modem being used. For IPv6 to work properly, each of your computers and devices must also support IPv6, including any wireless routers connected to the modem.

If you want to verify that IPv6 is enabled in your modem, you can check the "Home > IPv6" tab in your modem's administration panel. Here are instructions on logging in to the modem (meant for changing wifi settings, but also applicable here.)

While we don't provide technical assistance for configuring and using IPv6, AT&T does provide some additional information on their website that may be helpful.

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