What are IgLou's email server settings?

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2017-09-21 21:42

The settings for IgLou's mail servers depend on whether or not you are using an @iglou.com email address, or if you have your own registered domain name.

If you are using an @iglou.com email address:

Incoming protocol:  IMAP
Incoming server:  mail.iglou.com
Incoming port:  993
Incoming encryption?   Yes, use SSL and accept all certificates
Incoming username?  Your full email address

Outgoing server:  mail.iglou.com
Outgoing port:  587
Outgoing encryption?  Yes, use STARTTLS
Outgoing authentication?  Yes, use full email address & password

If you are using your own domain name in your email address:

The settings are all the same as above, but instead of using mail.iglou.com for the server name, you will use mail.YOURDOMAIN.COM.   For example, if your domain name is abccompany.com, you would use a mail server of mail.abccompany.com.

In certain configurations you may need to use a different server name.  If you are unsure, please reference the original configuration guide that was emailed to you when you registered your account, or email support@iglou.com and we would be happy to give you that information.

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