Internet referral program

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2021-12-20 22:10

IgLou's Internet referral program is a great way to reward friends and family for choosing IgLou as their new Internet provider! To view current reward offers, and to share your referral link or code, log in to IgLou's Account Manager and choose "Refer a Friend" from the menu.

To be eligible your friend must use your shared referral link to order service online, or give your referral code to the IgLou sales representative when ordering by telephone. Your friend will receive their reward after successfully installing and keeping their new service active for 30 days.

Referral rewards are applicable only for new customers ordering IgLou's Fiber or VDSL Internet service products for the first time, and must use the referral link or code from an existing IgLou customer. Referral rewards cannot be combined with other promotional offers. IgLou's whole-home wifi coverage is a separate paid service that includes two or more mesh wifi routers, and may be required for certain referral reward bonuses.

For privacy reasons IgLou will not notify you when your friends order service. Referral rewards and requirements may change periodically, and IgLou may end the program at any time without prior notice.

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