What is IgLou's Internet Access SLA (Service Level Agreement)?

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2018-08-07 20:33

IgLou's strives to achieve an uptime of 99.95% for all of our Internet access plans.  If a customer experiences a service outage in excess of 30 consecutive minutes during any calendar day, a customer may be eligible for a credit of one day's worth (1/30th) of the monthly service fee for the affected circuit.  IgLou does not provide a latency or speed SLA for its Internet service plans.

In order to receive an SLA credit for Internet service, Customer agrees to immediately notify IgLou of an occurance that prevents the Customer from transmitting IP packets out to the Internet.  A qualifying outage does not include downtime that occurs during scheduled periods of maintenance or upgrades.

IgLou will investigate the reported outage and assign a trouble ticket number.  Once IgLou determines that the service outage could qualify for an SLA credit, the customer may then requst a service credit within 30 days after the event by contacting IgLou by telephone or by email.  A trouble ticket number must accompany Customer's request for any SLA credit request.  Approved credits will appear on customer's bill for the Internet service within two (2) billing cycles.

In any calendar year, Customer's aggregated SLA credits may not exceed, for any Internet service circuit, one month's worth of the monthly service fee for the affected line.

IgLou reserves the right to change or discontinue any or all of the service level agreements at any time without notice to Customer. Customer must at all times cooperate with IgLou in testing and verifying that a qualifying service outage has occured.

SLA credits do not apply and IgLou is not responsible for failure to meet an SLA resulting from: (1) the failure or deficient performance of power, equipment services or systems not provided by IgLou or the specific telephone company carrying the last-mile loop of customer's circuit, (2) events during any period in which IgLou or the telephone company are not afforded access to the premises where access lines and equipment associated with the service are located, (3) Force Majeure conditions such as fire, explosion, lightning, power surges or failures, strikes or labor disputes, water, acts of god, etc. (4) for service interruptions, deficiencies, degradations or delays not reported by Customer to IgLou, (5) where Customer reports an SLA failure but IgLou does not find any SLA failure.

For purpose of the Service Availability SLA, the duration of a Service Outage shall be deemed to commence upon the opening of a trouble ticket with IgLou customer service, and ends when the service outage ends.



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