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2017-07-26 17:44

In 2009, Microsoft discontinued support of FrontPage Extensions.  In order for IgLou to continue to be able to apply important software and security updates on our web-servers, all support for Frontpage Extensions will be removed from IgLou's cPanel servers on September 30th, 2015.  IgLou's older legacy web-servers will have Frontpage Extensions support removed on September 30th, 2017.

Are all FrontPage users affected?

This change does not affect all FrontPage users. FrontPage Extensions are not required for every website developed with FrontPage.  However, there are two main effects of FrontPage Extensions being removed:

(1) If you use FrontPage to upload your website, you will be affected by this change. One of the features FrontPage Extensions provided was the ability to automatically publish your website to our servers without having to use a separate piece of file-transfer software.  This feature will no longer work, and users will need to investigate alternative methods for uploading their website content, such as Filezilla or other FTP software.  You can still develop your website locally on your PC with FrontPage, but you will need to upload those files manually using another method.

(2) There are a number of special features that will no longer function properly once FrontPage Extensions are removed.  Here is a list of features that will be affected:

Note: This is a list of all of the components for FrontPage that require FrontPage Extensions according to Microsoft, other components may be affected. The complete article is available from Microsoft at the following link:
  • File Upload
  • Custom Link Bars
  • Shared Border Background Properties
  • Usage Analysis Reports
  • Top Ten List Web Component
  • New Security Features (User Roles)
  • Nested Subwebs
  • Lightweight Source Control (Document check-in/check-out without Microsoft Visual SourceSafe for Windows)
  • Categories Component
  • StyleSheet Links to Multiple Files or Active Server Pages (ASP) Files
  • Confirmation Field
  • Discussion Form Handler
  • FrontPage-Created Server-Side Image Maps
  • Hit Counter
  • Registration Form Handler
  • Save Results Form Handler
  • Search Form
  • Field Set

 What will happen to my site?

Once FrontPage Extensions are removed you will no longer be able to upload your site with the "publish" feature of FrontPage. The affected FrontPage features listed above will also cease to function, and errors will be generated when attempting to submit a form, load a hit counter, etc.

Are there any other side effects?

Our FrontPage services allowed for upper-case and lower-case letters to be used interchangeably in filenames in order to preserve compatability with Microsoft's standards.  This is no longer the case once FrontPage extensions are removed.  Any links to files in your html documents must references the files exactly as they are named, with consideration for upper and lower case letters.

 What alternatives do affected customers have?

If you use FrontPage Extensions on your website, you may want to explore other options for creating and maintaining your site.  FrontPage is very old software and there are much more modern tools available for creating websites easily, such as the popular WordPress content-management platform.  IgLou's web-design team can also assist you with converting your website to much more modern technology.  For more information on our web-design services, please feel free to contact us online or by telephone.

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