Webmail inbox is sometimes empty

Iglou Customer Support
2015-05-05 20:49

Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, and most other POP-based email software will delete all the messages on IgLou's server after downloading email.  If you use one of these email programs to occasionally check mail, it will make your inbox appear empty when logging in to IgLou's web-based Webmail.

This problem can be solved by changing your email software to leave the messages on server for a specific number of days.

To make this change in Outlook Express or Windows (Vista) Mail, click on the Tools menu at the top, and then choose Accounts.  Select your IgLou mail account and then click onProperties.  Then, click on the Advanced tab.  On this screen, check both boxes that say "Leave a copy of messages on server" as well as the one labeled "Remove from server after 5 days".  Be sure to check both boxes.  Then click on OK on each of the windows.

You can change the number of days from 5 to any number of days that you would like the messages to stay on IgLou's servers.

Other email programs will have similar settings.  Just be sure to select "Leave a copy of message on server" as well as "Remove from server after XX days".

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