Service prepayment policies

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2014-08-13 17:58

Certain IgLou services may require prepayment of one or more months of service at the time of order.

In the event an IgLou service must be prepaid, prepayments can be made by credit-card, cash or money-order.  Personal checks are not accepted for prepayment of services.

To reduce the chance of fraud, we may also require that any credit-card used for payment successfully verify the customer's billing address using the Address Verification Systems (AVS) supported by most issuing banks.  In the event of an unsuccessful match, IgLou may require prepayment to be made using an alternate form of payment.

In most cases, customers can resolve address verification mismatches by contacting their credit-card company to correct the billing address that they have on file.  Please note that prepaid or gift credit-cards will usually not pass address verification, making them ineligible for prepayment of service.


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