I'm unable to send email

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2017-01-18 19:10

If you are unable to send email, there are several possible quick fixes:

  • In the Advanced section of your email software settings, look for the section regarding the Outgoing Mail Server.  Make sure the Port Number is set to the number 587, that Outgoing SMTP Authentication is enabled, and that your full email address and password are used for authentication.

    For @iglou.com email addresses, the incoming mail server and outgoing mail server should both be set to mail.iglou.com.  For email addresses at your custom hosted domain name, the mail server settings are usually set to mail.YOURDOMAIN.com.

  • Make sure your email software isn't in offline mode.  Putting your email software back in online mode will vary depending on what software you are using.  Rebooting your computer will often fix this problem.

  • If you need to send an email in an emergency, you can log in to IgLou's Webmail at http://www.iglou.com/webmail

  • If all else fails, you can contact IgLou technical support for assistance.
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