Cellular Internet Backup setup instructions

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2023-03-30 18:39

For a video on how to self-install your Internet Backup CDS-9010 device go to: https://youtu.be/QYqSopUcNRM

1. Remove all components from the box.

2. Firmly attach the two LTE Paddle Antennas to the gold LTE Antenna Ports on the back of the device as seen below.

3. Insert both battery packs into each open side slot of the device. Both batteries should CLICK and lock-in.

4. Connect one end of the included yellow ethernet cable to the blue WAN ethernet port on the Internet Backup CDS-9010 and the other end to any available LAN Ethernet port on your Modem/Router as seen below. NOTE: If your Internet service is not yet installed, you may temporarily skip this step for now.

5. Plug the power cable into the Internet Backup CDS-9010 and then plug the attached power supply into a wall outlet.

6. Allow the device 3 to 5 minutes to fully boot-up; after which you can connect your critical wireless and/or critical wired devices to the Internet Backup CDS-9010 as shown below.

Connecting critical wireless devices:

The Wi-Fi has been preset with its own SSID (wifi network name) and password which are printed on the label on the bottom of the Internet Backup CDS-9010. Connect to this new wireless network from your wireless device using this new SSID and password. Your device should now have access to the internet through the Wi-Fi of the Internet Backup CDS-9010.

Connecting critical wired devices:

Connect your wired devices to any available yellow LAN ethernet port on the Internet Backup CDS-9010 (additional Ethernet cables not included).

Test your Internet Backup device

You can test your new Internet Backup CDS-9010 device by simply unplugging the ethernet cable from your Modem/Router and waiting approximately 1-2 minutes. The critical devices that you connected to the Internet Backup CDS-9010 should come back online via an AT&T Mobility cellular connection. After testing, please remember to reconnect the Internet Backup CDS-9010 device to your Modem/Router as seen in step 4 to resume normal operation!

For optimal results, try to keep the Internet Backup CDS-9010 away from large metal objects.

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