How do I create a dialup connection on a Mac?

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2017-01-18 20:56

1) Go to the Apple Menu -> System Preferences

2) In System Preferences, click on Network

3) In Network, make sure that "Show" is set to Internal Modem. In the TCP/IP tab, "Configure" is set to Using PPP. Add the primary and secondary DNS to the box "Domain Name Servers" and to the box "Search Domains"

4) Click on the PPP tab and enter the telephone number(s) for their area, account name (user id) and password.

5) Click on the PPP Options button at the bottom. In the options, check the option "Connect automatically when starting TCP/IP appliacations", then click OK

6) Click on the Modem tab. If this is an iMac, Blue & White G3, Graphite G4 (and G4 Cube), Powerbook G3/G4 or an iBook, use the settings as shown. If they are using an external or third party internal modem, make sure that it is selected from the pop up list next to "Modem"

7) Click the "Apply Now" button in the lower right corner. Then go to the File menu and select Quit. You should now be ready to connect (by using any TCP/IP application, such as Internet Explorer or Mail).

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