How to connect a Netgear Orbi?

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2021-11-23 20:22

Set up your Orbi as an Access Point

  1. Connect Orbi to the AT&T Modem using an ethernet cable (included).
  2. From a browser, go to and sign in.
  3. Enter the router admin user name and password.
    • The username is admin.
    • The default password is password.
  1. Select ADVANCED > Advanced Setup > Router/AP Mode.
  2. From the Router/AP Mode, select AP Mode radio button.
  3. Select the IP address setting. There are two options, the 1st is recommended:
    • Get dynamically from existing router. The other router on the network assigns an IP address to this router while this router is in AP mode. (Recommended)
    • Enable fixed IP settings on this device (not recommended). Use this setting if you want to manually assign a specific IP address to this router while it is in AP mode. Using this option effectively requires advanced network experience.
  1. Select Apply.

Once your Orbi is connected: Turn off Wi-Fi On the AT&T Modem


Disabling the Wi-Fi will prevent Wi-Fi conflicts between the Orbi and AT&T modem.

  1. Sign into your modem (You’ll find the access code on the modem)
  2. Go to Settings, then LAN, and select the Wi-Fi Tab
  3. Select Disable on the Wi-Fi Interface
  4. Scroll down and select Save (you may need to reenter the Access Code)
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