Change your Wi-Fi settings

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2022-03-07 20:08

Note: These instructions are to change wifi settings in your modem/gateway. If you have Eero whole-home wifi, or have purchased your own router, you'll want to use the app on your smart-phone or tablet to make these changes instead.

To change the wireless settings in your your modem/gateway, we recommend connecting a laptop or PC directly to the modem with an Ethernet cable into one of the four yellow jacks on the back of the modem/gateway. 

Open your web browser and visit the following address:

To log in you will need the security access code, which is written on the back of the modem. Please note that this is different than the wifi password which is also written on the back of the modem.

Once logged in you can click on the wifi/wireless menu to access wireless settings,including:

  • Enable or disable wifi
  • Change the wireless password
  • Change the wireless network name
  • Change the wireless channel or frequency
  • Other miscellaneous wifi settings
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