Configuring Windows Mail

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2015-05-22 19:00

Default e-mail client for Windows Vista.

This document will help you configure Windows Mail to manage your Iglou E-Mail account.

Step 1
Open Windows Mail. Likely, you will have a screen that looks something like this:

Step 2
On the Tools menu, select Accounts. The Internet Accounts dialog will appear.

If you aren't going to be using this software for any other E-Mail service, remove any accounts that are there. If there are no mail accounts active in Windows Mail, the Mail subcategory will be missing. 

Step 3
Click the Add button. Select E-mail Account and then click the Next button.

Step 4
You will be prompted to enter your name. Enter your name as you would like it to appear on messages you send out. When someone receives your mail, it will show that it came from whatever is entered here. When you're done, click Next.


Step 5
(number-1.gif) Enter your E-Mail address
Do this in the format and click next when finished.


Step 6
Now, you'll be asked to provide the names of the mail servers you use. Here is the information you need to know:

Your incoming mail server is a POP3 server.
(number-2.gif) Your incoming mail server is:
(number-3.gif) Your outgoing mail server is:

Enter the information as shown here, check Outgoing Server Requires Authentication, and click Next when you've done this:


Step 7
Now you'll need to enter the following:

Your Account name (username) and password. Your Account name is the first part of your E-Mail address (everything before the @ symbol).


Step 8
Now, click Finish to save all of your information.


Step 9
You'll notice that the Internet Accounts dialog box now shows our mail server as being installed. Click the Properties button and then the Servers tab.

(number-4.gif) This will indicate your mailbox name in Windows Mail.


Step 10
On the servers page you will notice that the Incoming and Outgoing mail server information has already been filled in. Place a check next to "My server requires authentication". Click the Settings button.

(number-2.gif) Your incoming mail server is:
(number-3.gif) Your outgoing mail server is


Step 11
Select the "Log on using" option and enter your E-Mail address and password where indicated.

(number-5.gif) Your Account Name is your full E-Mail address (ex.


Click OK and then OK again. At the "Internet Accounts" dialog box, click the Close button. Windows Mail is now configured to work with our mail server.

Helpful Pointers for using Windows Mail:

Windows Mail automatically checks for new messages periodically while the program is open and you are connected to our service. If at any given time you want to force the software to check for messages immediately, simply click the Send and Receive button.

If Windows Mail seems to hang while sending and receiving messages, you can restart that process by telling it to Stop and then click Send and Receive again.

To write a new message, simply click on the Create Mail button. Make sure you enter in the full Internet E-Mail address correctly to ensure the message gets where it's supposed to go.

When replying to a message, just click the normal Reply button. This will send your reply to the author of the message that you're replying to.

If a message you're replying to was sent to a group of people, you can click the Reply to All button to send your reply to everyone on the list, but it is advised that you do this only when necessary. 

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