What are wildcards and why are they useful?

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2015-05-05 21:58

Wildcards are a way to match any combination of words or symbols.  The best way to explain wildcards is to show a few examples. Consider the following:

joe@somewhere.com Block mail from joe at somewhere.com
j*@somewhere.com Block mail from anyone who's username starts with a J atsomewhere.com
*@somewhere.com Block mail from anyone at somewhere.com
*savetrees* Block mail from anyone at a domain name that has the wordsavetrees in it.
*.gov Block mail from anyone at a government address
205.199.212.* Block mail from anyone at the network of 205.199.212.x
* VERY DANGEROUS. This would block all electronic mail from everyone.

Wildcards can be used anywhere inside email addresses, domain names or IP addresses.  Wildcards can only be used at the beginning or end of subject, message content or header matches.

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