Inactive email account policy

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2020-03-26 03:16

If you do not access your IgLou email account for 6 months it will become inactive and we will stop delivering new messages until you access your mailbox again.

If someone sends email to an inactive email account, our mail server will send an automatic reply message stating “Mailbox is not accepting new mail due to extended inactivity.”

How do I prevent my email account from becoming inactive?

To prevent new email from becoming rejected, perform any of the following actions at least once every 6 months:

  • Use any email program (i.e. Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.), mobile device or tablet to log in to your email account using POP or IMAP
  • Sign in to your account using IgLou's Webmail
  • Forward your IgLou email to another address

How do I reactivate my email account?

If your mailbox becomes inactive, performing any of the above actions will  reactivate the mailbox within 15 minutes.  You do not need to contact IgLou to have the mailbox reactivated.

What happens to my existing messages if my account becomes inactive?

No email is deleted when your mailbox becomes inactive; only new email is rejected.

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