How to setup Eero Wifi

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2020-09-01 17:40

 1. Download the Eero App for iOS or Android at                    

2. Open the App and setup a Eero Account and follow the instructions.      

3. Select 'eero' for the device you are setting up as the gateway.                      

4. Connect the Eero to one of the 4 yellow ethernet jacks on the back of the modem and plug it into an electrical outlet.  The modem should be on with a solid green Broadband light.                                                                           

5. Choose the location of your Eero.                                                                                   

6. Create your network.  Enter a Network name for your Eero Wifi and a password.  This will be the new Wifi network and password you will connect your devices to once setup is complete.                                                       

7. If you have more than one Eero, follow the steps to add another Eero device.  Make sure you choose 'eero' as your device.                                              

8. Once setup is complete and your devices have been connected to the new network that you created, contact IgLou and ask them to disable the wifi built into the modem.  This prevents interference between the two devices.

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